Our Conscience

Our Community.

HemiHelp is a charity providing support to people affected by hemiplegia and their families. The charity is close to our heart and we feel honoured to support them by publishing their biannual digital magazine pro bono.

We play an active part in our community, supporting Friends of Dorking, a voluntary group of local businesses, who support the town and surrounding area. 
Our Community
Our People

Our People.

We recognise the importance of the wellbeing and happiness of our employees. Making sure they know their worth and contribution to the company is key and we continually develop, train and invest in our team.

After a period of time, our employees receive a share in the profits of the business and have a say in the way zed is run, resulting in a satisfied and engaged team.

We believe that a happy team is infectious, and although we take our work seriously, we take fun seriously too! Past team awaydays have seen us rival Robin Hood with our archery skills, capture the taste of South America at cookery school and immerse ourselves in California cool at the Design Museum.
Our People

Our Environment.

With the help of Carbon Footprint, we are supporting a tree planting programme in the South East of England. Not only does each tree planted help to offset our environmental impact, they provide wildlife habitats and support biodiversity.

The paper we use both in the studio and at our printers is FSC accredited and our print supplier is one of the leading eco-friendly printers in the UK.
Our Environment