CSR: A load of fluff or good company ethics?
Susie Carini

by Susie Carini

Operations Director

02 January 2018

CSR: A load of fluff or good company ethics?

As zed grows, we understand we have a responsibility to manage the impact we have on our people, our community and our environment, minimising the negative and maximising the positive. But Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) can be a rather emotive subject. There are those who applaud the efforts of companies investing while others argue it’s a bunch of fluff, greenwashing, spending huge amounts on marketing to convince suitors they are eco-friendly, sustainable companies, while doing nothing to minimise the impact they have on the environment or improve ethical practice.
More and more people are becoming aware of how companies operate and want to associate themselves with responsible, sustainable companies. And it’s an issue that isn’t going away. A recent study conducted by Cone Communications, found 94% of Gen Z believe companies should help address social and environmental issues, more than any other generation (vs 87% Millennials and 86% general population).    
Since 2014 over 6,000 large companies in the EU have been required to report on their policies on diversity, social issues, corruption, risk to human rights and to the environment, this also includes their supply chains. As a small company we have no legal obligation to report or even have a CSR policy. So why concern ourselves with it?
We are a small agency that all employees have a stake in. To us, thinking about CSR issues is just a natural extension of the culture and personality of zed and our team. It isn’t something that’s a formal document posted somewhere on the website and rolled out at pitch time, it’s areas we think about all the time. We call it Our Conscience.
For more information on the way we think, read Our Values.


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